Private Voice Lessons

Your gift of singing can bring joy and healing to both the giver and receiver.

All Genres of Singing for Nationwide Students


Hi, I am Karen Anderson, the owner and master vocalist of Karen Anderson Vocal Studios, and I can offer you expert guidance to expand your vocal ability.

With the many years of stage experience and working with top coaches and conductors worldwide, I can provide you with the tools to find your true vocal talent.

I do provide lessons via skype for anyone interested. There are some limitations, but I have worked with many singers this way to build technique and polish the voice for upcoming performances and areas of the voice that need attention.

Vocal Development

Over the years, I have imparted my lessons to many students, who have won vocal scholarships to well-known universities and conservatoire. No matter what your level is, I can work with you to release any vocal tension, breath usage and expansion, and learning to use the entire body as the instrument. Our sessions will include vocalizing to release any vocal tensions. Breath usage will be increased. 

I have coached many singers to prepare for opera, oratorio, musical theater, jazz and cabaret. I am excited to teach you your undiscovered vocal abilities.

Karen Anderson